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 ISSUE 41   •   7 OCTOBER 2007  
   This issue: trains


1. Editorial
2. Matchbox freight train
3. Railroad play tray

4. Magnetic train picture frame
5. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of the new Kids Craft Weekly mini-book! I can't tell you how excited I am about it. Hopefully it'll be back from the printers before the next newsletter is due out so stay tuned!

If you haven't done so, you can still pre-order a discounted copy for the next two weeks.

It's been a big thrill to see some Kids Craft Weekly crafts being documented out in blogland. Here are some of the great posts that I've come across:
  • Candace and Sadie from Sparklepower made the colourful rice shaker from the babies newsletter.
  • Diber and Ellis at Moot Thoughts and Musings made some spatula puppets (based on the wooden spoon ones in the puppets issue).
  • Mommy Moments made a variation of the mini-television (from the machines issue).
  • Gwyn, Zane and Indi at My Kids Art made some pirate coins (from the second pirates issue) and some other great pirate stuff.
Also, I've added some lovely rocket ship crafting pics from Cafe Mama to the Kids Craft Weekly photo gallery. If you have some photos you'd like to add please send them in or tag them 'kidscraftweekly' in flickr.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter. If your kids love the train theme you have Vicki to thank for the great suggestion. 

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Matchbox freight train

This cute freight train is really quite simple to put together and it makes a really fun toy. In fact, we'll be buying more matchboxes tomorrow so that the kids can have one each – Ella wants to paint her one pink and stick rhinestones on it!

You will need

• four matchboxes
acrylic paint
buttons or black stickers
marker pen
• button


1. Pull the trays out of all four matchboxes. For this craft you will need both parts of three matchboxes, plus the lid from a fourth matchbox cut in half. Paint the outside of all these pieces with acrylic paint.

2. Line up the lids, place a length of ribbon over the top and tape them on.

3. Then glue/tape the trays on the top as pictured. Then glue on a bead to make a funnel.

4. Stick on some buttons or stickers for wheels. Use scrunched up aluminium foil for lights and fill with some dried beans or gravel.

3. Railroad play tray

Need a special circuit for your matchbox train to travel on? This simple play tray is just the ticket!

You will need

• a cardboard tray
acrylic paint
green tissue or crepe paper


1. Paint the background of your tray. When the background paint is dry, paint or draw on two lines, a little under a matchstick width apart, to form your track.

2. Squeeze glue lines across the track and pop match sticks on them.

3. Add some bushes, trees or other embellishments by scrunching up green crepe paper and dipping it in glue.

4. Allow to dry before taking your train on it's maiden journey!

4. Magnetic train picture frame

To make this fabulous train picture you may have to track down some specific packaging – cardboard but with a clear plastic window in the front. We used small boxes that had been filled with jelly beans.

You will need

cardboard packaging with windows
sticky tape
pens and pencils 
coloured paper
length of ribbon   
• flat magnets (we simply cut up the free magnets with advertising on them)
• strong glue


1. Turn your packaging from this...

to this...

...by unfolding and flattening it, then cutting it to size and taping along three sides. We also painted over the branding.

2. Cut a coloured piece of paper to the same size as your rectangle and draw on some passengers.

3. Then slip the coloured paper into the window packaging and add some sticker wheels.

4. Now it's time to make the engine. I haven't provided a picture to download as it's a very simple concept. Simply draw an engine outline on a piece of coloured card, cut an oval in a contrasting colour and stick it to the front of the engine. Add some wheels and a driver if you wish.

5. Lay the engine and carriages face down on a flat surface, in a straight line and place the ribbon on top and tape it down. Once you've taped the ribbon on, glue on the magnets.

Here's the view from the back:

And here's the front:

6. Once the glue is dry, stick the train to the fridge!

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