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 ISSUE 42   •   21 OCTOBER 2007  
   This issue: stripes


1. Editorial
2. Stripy string bugs
3. Zebra prints

4. Woven paper lanterns
5. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial

For the past few days we've been eagerly anticipating a phone call from the printers to tell us that the Kids Craft Weekly mini-book is ready to pick up. Sadly it's been delayed for a few days more but I have it on the best advice that it will arrive mid-week.

The great news is, assuming the book arrives when expected, all pre-orders will be posted out before the weekend! I'm still accepting pre-orders for the reduced price of $10 (postage extra) up until Wednesday so be quick.

More blog love this week. Marie has done a great write-up of Kids Craft Weekly on Makes and Takes. She and her kids have tried heaps of newsletter crafts including the outdoor collage, pirate coin purse and shape matching game.

Also, thanks to Kate and Bex for sending in pics of their matchbox trains from the last issue. Visit the Kids Craft Weekly photo gallery to take a look!

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Stripy string bugs

These cute bugs were a big hit at out place this week. My kids enjoyed un-winding and re-winding the string and wool in different ways. If your children enjoy this too you might want to hold off from taping on the pipecleaners until they've had their fill.

You will need

• thick cardboard (panels from a cardboard box work well)
string or wool


1. Cut out a variety of bug shapes from cardboard.

2. Cut an equal number of notches down two sides of the bugs.

3. Run string/wool from notch to notch.

4. Tape on some pipecleaner legs to the back of the bugs.

5. Draw on some cute buggy faces and admire your collection!

3. Zebra prints

Here's a fun activity that the young ones can enjoy too! Keep a cloth handy to wipe down your stripy children when they're finished with the zebra.

You will need

• paper and marker
acrylic paint
sponge, pencil and washer (optional)


1. Draw an outline of a zebra. You can download my one if you're not feeling confident.

2. Decorate it using stripe prints. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Use the edge of a dish sponge:

Thread a pencil through a washer and roll it through a glob of paint:

Dip the thin edge of a popstick in a pool of paint:

2. We opted for the popstick method to make stripes for our zebra.

3. Allow to dry, then cut out and display with pride.

4. Woven paper lanterns

Ok so technically these are checks not stripes but, for the purpose of this newsletter, I think we should consider checks to be a fun variant! 

You will need

• paper
• scissors
crepe streamers or coloured strips of paper


1. Fold a piece of paper in half along the longest side. Then cut into strips from the folded side, being careful not to cut all the way to the other edge of the paper.

2. Open it out and start to weave the streamers into the paper.

3. Continue until no more streamers will fit. Then trim the ends and tape them to the paper.

4. Join short ends to form a lantern, and stick on an extra piece of paper to make a handle.

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5. Featured subscriber blog

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