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 ISSUE 71   •   4  MAY 2009  
   This issue: simple cards (pt 1)


1. Editorial – the joy of card-making
2. Simple heart card
3. Rustic flowers card

4. Fancy present card
5. Fabulous rosette card
6. April photo round-up
7. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial – The joy of card-making

Today is my birthday* and I'm thinking about cards and how wonderful it is to receive one that has been thoughtfully chosen or made.

Cards are not only wonderful to receive, the process of making them is pretty special too.

Making cards with the kids gives them the chance to reflect on relationships. It also teaches them how different people enrich their lives in different ways.

Next time you're helping your child to make a card for someone special ask the child what they love about that person and write down their response to include on the inside of the card. Even flippant responses (I love you Grandma because you let me eat lots of chocolate biscuits) are fun and well worth preserving for posterity.

This is an exercise that the wonderful teachers at my son's preschool do with the children before every mother's day and, as the recipient of a number of cards created using this method I can assure you that they're always a delight to receive.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Kids Craft Weekly. It is the first of two card specials – the second of which I hope will consist of ideas sent in by you!

If you have your own ideas for simple cards that kids can make (and I know you do!) please send them in by May 10. You can submit your card photos directly to the Flickr photo pool or email them to me directly. You will be rewarded with prizes, public adulation and time in the spotlight!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your ideas. Until next time, happy crafting!

Amber Carvan

PS. Don't forget that you can always head over to Facebook or Twitter to discuss kid's craft with me and other crafty types from the Kids Craft Weekly community.

* For the curious, 36!

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2. Simple heart card

So the concept is simple and you've probably done this activity before but it's worth a reminder that cookie cutter glitter shapes make super simple and super fun cards.

1. Get together some white glue in a plastic container, a cookie cutter and some glitter.

2. Dip the cookie cutter into the glue and print it onto some card. Sprinkle with glitter, shake off and there you have it.

3. Rustic flowers card

This simple and cute card idea will be a big hit with older kids. If you don't have a long reach hole punch you might have to punch a few extra holes with a knife or skewer.

1. You will need some scraps of tissue paper, a hole punch and some split pins (brads).

2. Punch some holes into the front of the card. Scrunch some small pieces of colourful tissue and use split pins to attach them, through the holes, to the card.

3. Leave as is or draw around them like Ella did.

4. Fancy present card

Simple paper strips can make simple and effective cards. You can do this craft with glue instead of double-sided tape but the tape makes things a lot easier. If you haven't used it before give it a go – you may find, like us, that it becomes an invaluable crafting item!

1. You will need some double-sided tape as well as some strips of paper or paper tape. You'll also need some scissors and a split pin.

2. Lay down the double-sided tape in the shape of a cross that extends across the width and breadth of your card. Stick down some strips of paper over the top and make a hole in the centre with some scissors.

3. Grab another strip of paper and curl the ends towards each other to form two loops.

4. Repeat this step with a second strip of paper, then punch a hole in the middle and use a split pin to fix it to the centre of the card.

5. Fabulous rosette card

Everyone loves to receive a hand made award! Personalise this simple rosette with a star, a heart, or some nice words and and make a special someone feel very special indeed.

1. Get together a patty pan (cupcake case), a plastic lid, some cardboard, some ribbon, glue and a marker.

2. Glue the ribbon in place, then the patty pan. Trace around the outside of the plastic lid onto a piece of card, then embellish, cut out and stick inside the lid. Finally, stick the lid into the middle of the patty pan.

Share your own simple card ideas!

This issue of Kids Craft Weekly is the first of two card specials – the second of which I hope will consist of ideas sent in by you!

If you have your own ideas for simple cards that kids can make (and I know you do!) please send them in by May 10. You can submit your card photos directly to the Flickr photo pool or email them to me directly.

It's a great way to share your ideas with close to 30,000 Kids Craft Weekly subscribers from all over the globe!

6. April photo round-up

Here are some of my favourite pictures that were submitted to the Kids Craft Weekly Flickr pool in April – what an amazing collection of photos! Picking a winner is going to be very hard. You can check them out by clicking on the links below.

1. kids craft easter eggs, 2. Aquestes roses són per a tu., 3. IMG_7989 copy R, 4. Miles and LEXY, 5. IMG_0007, 6. Untitled, 7. Jungle!, 8. Easter Eggs, 9. egg dyeing, 10. Joe's Eggs, 11. Foil eggs, 12. http://storytime-storyt.blogspot.com, 13. Рыбоптиц, 14. EggsbyK4309, 15. Pàsqua 2009 Mona de p5 (dilluns), 16. DSC_0011, 17. Foil Eggs, cut all by herself, 18. He LOVES green Easter Eggs

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7. Featured subscriber blog

Love and Carrots – Adventures with Snuggle Bunnies

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