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 ISSUE 39   •   9 SEPTEMBER 2007  
   This issue: puppets


1. Editorial
2. Rubber glove finger puppets
3. Wooden spoon puppets

4. No-sew sock puppets
5. Puppet ideas from previous issues
6. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial

Welcome to the puppets issue of Kids Craft Weekly and thanks again to subscriber Beth for suggesting the theme! You'll notice that I've tried to keep the puppet ideas nice and simple as I'm aware that puppet-making is a very specialised artform and I'm far from knowledgeable in this area.

I hope that you and the littlies enjoy making the puppets in this issue. And in case you haven't seen it, make sure you show the kids this great shadow puppetry show on You Tube by Australian puppeteer Ray Crowe. My guys loved it!

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Rubber glove finger puppets

These cute finger puppets are so simple and appealing. You can use the same embellishments as we did or come up with your own ideas based on your favourite characters.

You will need

• a rubber glove
white glue
small white dot stickers
marker pens
wool scraps


1. Cut the fingers from a rubber glove.

2. Draw faces on the small white stickers.

3. Stick the stickers on the rubber glove fingers.

4. Use the wool scraps to prepare some fancy hair-do's for your finger puppets.

5. Stick them on using white glue. This is quite easy if you peg some clothespegs along the side of a box, then place your puppets on the pegs to keep them steady and upright.

6. And there you have it – ever so cute DIY finger puppets!

3. Wooden spoon puppets

These adorable spoon puppets are easy to put together using items from around your home – that is, provided you're happy to sacrifice a wooden spoon!

You will need

wooden spoons
marker pens
curling ribbon
fabric scraps
rubber bands or hair ties


1. Draw a face on a wooden spoon.

2. Tape on some hair made from curling ribbon (or string, or wool).

3. Wrap some fabric scraps around the handle of the spoon and fasten with a rubber band or hair elastic.

4. Now, if I were a dish I would certainly be running away with one of these lovely spoons.

4. No-sew sock puppets

Sock puppets have so much personality, especially when they're planned and created by young kids. This simple sock puppet idea is perfect for the young ones as it requires no sewing. Better still – it won't ruin your sock!

You will need

a sock
felt scraps
safety pins (small)
split pins (brads)
small white stickers
sticky velcro dot


1. Use safety pins to attach ears and a tongue to your sock. 
For a nose, try a split pin (brad) or a sticky velcro dot. Stickers make good eyes.

Here's what we came up with:

2. Then put them on and the fun begins again!

5. Puppet ideas from previous issues

Tyrannosaurus Rex box puppet

We have a whole box of packing peanuts in the house at the moment so I was thrilled to put some of them to good use with this brilliantly scary box puppet. If you don't have any on hand you can glue on screwed up balls of crepe paper or even uncooked macaroni for a fabulously toothy looking t-rex.

You will need

• cardboard box
paint and brushes
egg carton
cotton reel (or alternative)
• tape
packing peanuts
white glue
felt or coloured paper for tongue


1. Select a long solid cardboard box that can be sealed closed at both ends. Paint box a suitable colour for a dinosaur. For extra effect, paint one side red (this will be the inside of the mouth).

2. Cut box in half along three sides and fold in half to form a box puppet.

3. Attach segments from an egg carton to form eyes, and a cotton reel to make a nose.

4. Glue packing peanuts around the mouth to form teeth. It's a good idea to let these dry before you embark on the finishing touches.

5. Glue on a felt or cardboard tongue.

6. Paint on some reptilian eyes and your box puppet will be ready to rampage!

Prince and princess stick puppets

These simple stick puppets turned out to be my daughter's favourite activity of the week – probably because I let her go crazy with the glitter! I imagine that other kids of all ages will enjoy making them too. I've put together some drawings for you to use, so all you have to do is download them (PDF, 600KB) to get started.

You will need

free printable drawings of prince and princess
glitter, pencils, markers and crayons, wool and fabric scraps
pop sticks


1. Download the free drawings (PDF, 600KB).

2. Decorate the outlines using whatever supplies you have on hand.

3. Stick them onto some cardboard, then cut them out.

4. Tape on some pop sticks to make stick puppets.

5. And trust me, for an imaginative four year old, the fun has only just started!

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6. Featured subscriber blog

Write, Mama. Write

There was no 'about' available for me to quote from but the blog looks like great fun. Lots of sewing inspiration, crafty ideas and great resources.

To have your blog featured in this section just send in your web address and I'll add you to the list. But be warned, the waiting list is currently very long.


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