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 ISSUE 59  •   3 NOVEMBER 2008 
   This issue: painting fun


1. Editorial – Christmas Craft
2. Straw painting
3. Tube painting

4. Bubble painting
5. More fun painting ideas
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1. Editorial – Christmas Craft

Yes, it's that time of year again! You've probably noticed that the supermarkets are gradually wheeling out their stock in preparation for the Christmas onslaught.

For my part I'm thrilled to report that I have again started selling my Christmas Craft book on the website. Revised for 2008, the 20-page printable mini-book features is full to the brim with fun Christmas craft ideas that have been dreamed up for Kids Craft Weekly readers.

Inside you'll find great Christmas ideas that look fantastic, are fun to create and will hopefully save you some money. It includes ideas for advent, gift tags, handmade cards, Christmas games, tree decorations and more!

Aside from the great new tree decorations the thing I love best about the revised PDF is the double-page spread of some of my favourite Christmas cards that I've received from Kids Craft Weekly subscribers. Inspiration indeed. Check out the sample pages up on the website.

Christmas Craft costs only $5. Please show your support for Kids Craft Weekly by purchasing a copy for your household.

Expect to receive another issue of Kids Craft Weekly quite soon as I am about to finalise the sign-up process for this year's handmade card swap and to pick a winner for the October photo competition. Exciting times ahead!

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

PS. Dawn from this issue's featured subscriber blog – Go Barefoot – is offering a Barefoot Books giveaway to Kids Craft Weekly subscribers. Visit her blog and leave a comment to receive a copy of the Whole World Pack from Barefoot books which includes the Whole World mini-book with sing-along CD and the new Whole World Fun Eco Activities Book. Thanks for the giveaway Dawn – I'm a big fan of Barefoot Books.

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2. Straw painting

Make fabulous spidery images with this fun painting technique. You can use food colouring, ink or watered down paint for this activity. Instruct your little one never to touch the paint with their straw – with any luck this should prevent any unfortunate ink-in-the-mouth type accidents.

You will need

• drinking straws
• paper
• ink, food colouring or watered down paint
• eye dropper


1. Drip some ink/paint onto your piece of paper using an eye dropper.

2. Use a straw to blow the ink in different directions.

3. Turn the paper around as you go so that you're not always blowing in the same direction.

4. If you wish, repeat with a different colour.

3. Tube painting

Your little ones will love how their painting experience can be so easily transformed by the addition of a simple cardboard tube. Set up two tubes with a diiferent colour in each for double the fun.

You will need

• a sturdy cardboard tube
• piece of paper
• lots of acrylic paint


1. Stand the cylinder up on a piece of paper and fill part way with acrylic paint.

2. Move the tube around the page and experiment with control and texture.

4. Bubble painting

We tried this activity for the first time recently and it was greeted with much enthusiasm and excitement... for obvious reasons :) 
Artisically the results aren't spectacular but the process is great fun and will be remembered for a long time afterwards.

You will need

• dishwashing liquid
liquid paint or food colouring
plastic container


1. Make your bubble and paint mix by mixing together one part dishwashing liquid with one part liquid paint or food colouring.

2. Insert a pin a few centimetres down from the top of any of the straws that you'll be using for this activity. I can reliably advise you that this will minimise the impact of an accidental suck but will not prevent it.

3. Blow into the bubble and paint mixture using a straw. With any luck the bubbles will tower over the top of the bowl.

4. Take a piece of paper and place it over the bubbles, lowering it slowly as the bubbles pop, until it's pressed over the top of the dish.

5. Remove the paper and there you have your bubble print!

5. More fun painting ideas

If none of these ideas take your fancy, have a look at some of the other novelty painting methods that have been featured in previous issues of Kids Craft Weekly. Follow the links for all the details.

• Froggy footprints from the Frog Issue.

• Simple shape prints from the Shapes Issue.

• Zebra prints from the Stripes Issue.

• Baking tray prints from the Printing Issue.

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6. Featured subscriber blog

Go Barefoot

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