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 ISSUE 58  •   7 OCTOBER 2008 
   This issue: plastic lids


1. Editorial
2. Glittery and gluey lid masterpieces
3. Plastic lid printing

4. Plastic lid picture frames
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1. Editorial

Welcome to the latest issue of Kids Craft Weekly.

If you're thinking that 'plastic lids' sounds like a weird and somewhat random theme then I'm guessing you don't have a collection like this hiding in a cupboard in your kitchen!

Truly, it's a mystery to me as to why the containers disappear but the lids remain. If you've found yourself in a similar predicament well now is the time to celebrate as I present three fabulous new crafts that are designed to leave a serious dent in your stray plastic lid collection.

Before we get down to plastic lid business I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the Kids Craft Weekly photo competition for September is Carrie O'Neill for her image 'Monoprints by Mogs'. Congrats Carrie!

Carrie has chosen to 
receive a copy of DIY Kids by Ellen and Julia Lupton – a very popular choice! While I think of it, my list of Amazon favourites is starting to look a little old. Anyone else got some suggestions? I'm in need of a good book for the upcoming warmer weather in this hemisphere.

If you have your own photos please submit them to the gallery. All you have to do to be in the running is to have uploaded a photo in that calendar month.  There aren't a lot of people submitting photos at the moment so your odds are very good.

If you're feeling lucky there are a few other giveaways happening around crafty blog town.  For those in the Asia/Pacific region, subscriber Leonny at Our Everyday Things has 20 pairs of Polliwalks to give away. Also, Fun Snacks 4 Kids is giving away three Halloween books to blog visitors.

Good luck! Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Glittery, gluey lid masterpieces

This super fun craft uses three of the messiest products in the kid's craft arsenal – glue, food colouring and glitter! The results are fantastic but consider yourself warned about the potential for chaos and permanent stains.

You will need

• plastic lids
white glue (pvc glue)
food colouring
other bits and pieces to glue


1. Dig through your craft cupboard or pantry and find a selection of extra bits and bobs to glue to your lids. We used coloured matchsticks, sequins, packing peanuts, coloured pasta, confetti and cellophane.

2. Squirt white glue on your lid.

3. Add some drops of food colouring and start to mix it in.

4. Start adding your various bits and pieces to the colouful glue mix.

5. When you've finished - add some glitter for extra sparke and allow to dry.

These would look great hanging against the window. If I'd thought of it at the time they would have worked a treat in the light and texture issue.

3. Plastic lid printing

It turns out that the humble plastic lid is a great resource for kid's craft! We were impressed with how well they worked in this simple printing activity.

You will need

• plastic lids
acrylic paint


1. Splodge some acrylic paint onto a plastic lid.

2. Lay it down on the ground and place a sheet of paper over the top. Press down evenly before removing. Repeat until the paint needs to be reapplied.

4. Plastic lid picture frames

When I first dreamed up this idea I wasn't convinced it would work or be very apealling for young kids. Am pleased to report I was very wrong. This was a really fun activity and the kids are thrilled with their finished pictures.

You will need

• plastic lids
a picture to frame
transparent glue, glue tape or double-sided tape
white glue
items for decorating
knife or hole punch
fancy string or yarn


1. Choose a picture that you want to frame. Trace around the plastic lid with a pencil.

2. Cut the picture out to the size of your lid (for our lid we cut about half a centimetre inside the pencil outline). Then apply some glue tape (or other invsible glue) around the outside of your picture. Remember to put the glue on the front of the picture. Then stick the picture to the inside of the lid.

3. Squeeze out a border of white glue along the front of the lid and decorate the border using whatever you fancy. My son chose a selection of buttons and small wooden ladybeetles.

My daughter opted for some delicate paper flowers and colourful sequins.

Our friend made a pattern from coloured pasta.

4. Allow the glue to dry – this may take a while. Once it's done piece small holes in the two top corners and thread through some colourful yarn or string. And voila!

These would make super cute presents for Mother's or Father's Day!

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FlowerPot – the adventures of a first time moma

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