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 ISSUE 67   •   3 MARCH 2009  
   This issue: glitter


1. Editorial
2. Glitter shapes
3. DIY glitter wash paint

4. Glitter roll
5. February photo round-up
6. Featured subscriber blog

1. Editorial 

Hello and welcome to Kids Craft Weekly! Today I'm very excited to be able to reveal to you one of the projects that I've been working on behind the scenes.

This 'glittery' issue of Kids Craft Weekly has a companion craft-along pack that you can purchase to extend your glitter craft experience.

The glitter craft-along pack is a printable PDF that features all the crafts in the newsletter plus one additional (secret!) craft idea and two activity sheets that you can print out for the kids to work on.

The craft-along pack has been designed so that you can print it out and store it in a folder or plastic sleeve for future reference. As the Kids Craft Weekly craft-along collection grows – so too will your arsenal of great crafty ideas and activity sheets for all occasions.

Kids will love the craft-along pack.
Earlier today I emailed a copy of the PDF to a friend to see what she thought and she called to tell me that she had barely finished printing the pages before her five year-old had pounced on the pages and wanted to do glitter craft!

The 9-page craft-along pack costs only USD $4 and the transaction is automated. This means that as soon as your payment goes through you are emailed a link from which you can download the pack and get started.

If you enjoy the newsletter please check out the craft-along pack and let me know what you think – I love your feedback!

In other news I'd like to thank everyone who has  become a 
fan of Kids Craft Weekly on Facebook – all 1067 of you! Talk about awesome! Thanks also for sharing Kids Craft Weekly with your friends.

The following ten people have won a Kids Craft Weekly PDF: Jessica Horswill Plesko, Jenny Kuipers, Calina Mayo, Ronel Reinhardt, Erin Chambers, Chrystal Benton Sturm, Danette Foster, Sally Joyce, Niki Swagerty and Karen Lema. If your name is on the list please email me and let me know which PDF you'd like as your prize – Everyday Craft, Christmas Craft or the Glitter craft-along pack.

Those of you who follow
Kids Craft Weekly on Twitter may have noticed that I'm still trying to get into the habit of tweeting regularly! If you've got an opinion about the sort of updates that you'd like to see from Kids Craft Weekly on Twitter please DM me and let me know! 

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

Kids Craft Weekly presents: Glitter craft-along pack!

2. Sparkling glitter shapes

These glitter shapes are one of the most popular crafts I've ever published on Kids Craft Weekly – and with good reason! There is something truly magical about shaking glitter off a piece of paper to reveal a gorgeous shimmering shape. For best results use plastic cookie cutters and fine glitter.

You will need

• white glue
• plastic containers
• cookie cutters
• fine glitter
• black paper or cardboard


1. Pour glue into a small container or tray until the glue is about three millimetres deep. before you start pouring, make sure that your container is large enough to accommodate the cookie cutters.

2. Dip a cookie cutter in glue and then use it to make a glue print on the paper. For best results, leave the cutter in place on the paper for about three seconds to allow for the glue to drip down around the outline of the shape.

3. Sprinkle different colours of glitter on top of the glue prints, making sure to cover all of the glue marks.

4. Finally, shake the glitter off into a tray and allow the shimmery shapes to dry.

3. DIY glitter wash paint

Don't waste your money on buying glitter glue or glitter paint – have fun experimenting with making your own! It's much cheaper and the results are way more impressive. This is our tried and true recipe for glitter wash paint. It's great for colouring pictures or using as a background that you can draw over when it's dry.

You will need

• white glue
• water
• plastic container
• paintbrush
• food colouring
• different colours of fine glitter


1. Take a plastic container and mix together one teaspoon of white glue with one teaspoon of water, about 4 or 5 drops of food colouring and a teaspoon of fine glitter. For best results use matching coloured glitter and food colouring.

2.  Mix the ingredients together with a paintbrush. (Try not to look at my son's filthy thumbnail in the pic below!)

3. Encourage your little one to draw a simple picture – or draw one for them – and have them paint it using glitter paint wash.

4. The beauty of this DIY paint is that it's gluey too! Stick various bits and bobs on your picture before the paint dries. We used cotton balls for clouds.

5. When it's dry your picture will have a beautiful shimmery film.

6. We went over the dark lines with white glue and sprinkled on some coarse glitter for extra bling. I know someone who is very proud of his glittery picture!

This issue's glitter craft-along pack includes two great projects that use this DIY glitter paint. Print out the activity pages and follow the instructions to make a glimmery glitter wash landscape and a school of colourful shimmery fish to hang from a mobile or in a doorway. 

4. Glitter roll

Having fun with glitter doesn't have to involve glue. Use a good quality double-sided tape to produce beautiful crisp lines – just perfect for glitterfying! We've used a cardboard roll for this activity but it also works well on sticks, wooden dowel and anything else that you can wind tape around.

You will need

• double-sided tape
• a cardboard roll
• coloured glitter


1. Wind a length of double-sided tape around the cardboard roll.

2. Peel off the backing and start to sprinkle on the glitter.

3. At some point there will be enough glitter on your workspace to start rolling the cardboard tube into the glitter. Have fun!

4. Once all the tape is covered in glitter, brush the roll down to remove stray glitter pieces and repeat with a second piece of tape and a different colour.

Kids Craft Weekly presents: Glitter craft-along pack!

5. February photo round-up

Here are some of my favourite pictures that were submitted to the Kids Craft Weekly Flickr pool in February. You can check them out by clicking on the links below – there are some truly amazing crafts in there!

1. IMG_0050, 2. ola, 3. IMG_6428, 4. Detall de teler, 5. Image1, 6. polar robot tasarim, 7. drawing, 8. Handmade Valentine Card Swap, 9. Stripy Bugs, 10. HPIM2347[1], 11. Mirko´s painting, 12. February09 007, 13. hearts garland, 14. IMG_7479, 15. DSC00031.JPG, 16. IMG_1870, 17. Any Nou xinès, 18. IMG_1055

Remember to add your photos to the pool for the chance to win a copy of the book of your choice from my Amazon favourites list. I give away a book every month – the February winner will be announced next issue because I need more time to agonise over the decision :)

6. Featured subscriber blog

Fun Snacks 4 Kids
– a place to find and share creative snack ideas for your little loved ones.

Subscriber blogs are featured on a first-in first-served basis. To have your blog included in this section just send in your web address and I'll add you to the list. 


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