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I'm having problems with my subscription!

Why, you need to read my new subscription help page! It has the answer to the most commonly asked subscription queries.

Why do I only seem to receive newsletters every second week?

Kids Craft Weekly newsletters are currently published every fortnight. I used to publish weekly newsletters but it proved to be a bit too crazy for me. In order to keep on top of things at home I need to have a week off between newsletters.

I may go back to publishing weekly at some point in the future but this is not likely to happen soon.

So why is it called Kids Craft Weekly?

It's catchier than Kids Craft Fortnightly don't you think?

Do make money from the site?

Kids Craft Weekly began as a labour of love. After a while the love started to wear a little thin so I started trying to earn a little money from from the site to help me love the labour a little more if you know what I mean. Currently I earn a small amount of pocket money from the site for which I am very grateful.

I receive Amazon credit through their associates program which enables me to give away a book every month to my subscribers and to buy the odd book for myself and my kids.

Do you have a list of back issues that I can look through?

By all means, please browse through the newsletters.

Do you have a RSS feed?

Indeed. The RSS feed lives here.

Is there a Kids Craft Weekly group photo pool on Flickr?

Yes! It is here. When you submit your photos to the group pool you automatically go into the monthly draw to win the book of your choice from my Amazon favourites list.

Do you have any printable pages?

I am building up a small library of printable project sheets featuring crafts from previous issues. If there is a craft that you would  like to see as a project sheet please let me know.

Do you have a button that I can put on my website or blog?

Indeed! If you have a blog or website you can get hold of the 'I play at Kids Craft Weekly' button by clicking here.

I want my newsletters to go to a different email address. How do I change it?

To change the email address that you want your newsletters to go to, visit here. Enter you email address and leave the password field blank. Then follow the prompts to change your email address. The same process can be used to unsubscribe but surely you don't want to do that!

Who designed your site?

I designed the site and I publish it using the free open source app, NVU. The fabulous Kids Craft Weekly logo and pencil icons were designed by Raging Yoghurt.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to get in touch.

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