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Easy craft ideas for tiny little fingers

Your little one may be too young to colour in, paint or cut and paste, but they're never too young to craft! Here are some breathtakingly simple craft ideas that are suitable for the world's youngest crafters.

1. Magnificent birds

Make some fancy birds by sticking colourful feathers into playdough. Use some uncooked maccaroni for a beak and sultanas for eyes.

2. Sticker pictures

Draw some dots on a page in the shape of the moon or a star and encourage your little one to stick simple stickers over the dots to form the shape. 

3. Stained glass windows

Cut different coloured pieces of cellophane and stick them to a piece of clear sticky contact. Add glitter and foil for a bit of bling and fold the contact in half when you're finished.

4. Money bags

Cut out some circles from cardboard and cover them in foil. Them put them in a bag to make a coin purse.

5. Squishy octopus

Partially blow up a balloon and draw a face on it. Then tape eight lengths of fancy ribbon to the balloon to form legs.

6.  Scrunchy caterpillar

Stuff balls of newspaper into an old sock. Attach some safety pins for eyes and some rubber bands to form body segments.

7. Crinkly ball

Scrunch up cellophane and stretch rubber bands over the top to form a ball.

8. Cosy nest

Tear up strips of different coloured tissue paper and put the strips in a small box to make a nest for a toy bird or other stuffed animal.

9. Colourful hands

Use acrylic paint to make colourful handprints on a large piece of paper. Using white paint on black paper is particularly strking.

10. Sticky landscape

Set up a large piece of sticky contact on an easel and provide a selection of items (eg, match sticks, cotton wool, leaves, tinsel) to stick to it.


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