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Ten crafty gift ideas that kids can help to make

When it comes to gifts, there's nothing quite as special as receiving a handmade gift from a child. But sometimes it can be difficult to think up ideas to make, especially if your kids are young.

This list of crafty gift ideas are ones that kids can help to create. Use it for inspiration if you need help putting together a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift, or perhaps a birthday present for a family member or special friend.

1. Framed artwork

Bright colours and bold strokes look fantastic in a frame. Encourage your little one to prepare a special picture for the gift recipient (perhaps a portrait), or if you're short of time just use a favourite artwork from your stash.

Framed artwork

2. Bouquet of flowers

Create a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers and tie them in a bunch or wrap them with cellophane and ribbon.  For details on how to make a variety of different flowers check out kids craft weekly issue 06 – gardens.

Bouquet of flowers

3. Pet rock

Select a special rock, paint it and give it a personality. You can add googly eyes, felt feet or ears, wool hair and even a tail! Large rocks can be used as paperweights and small ones look really cute housed in a painted match box.

Pet rocks

4. Sun catcher

Thread a selection of colourful glass beads onto a length of string to make this beautiful sun catcher to hang on a window. If you include at least one large cut glass bead it will create beautiful rainbows when the sun shines through from behind.

Sun catcher

5. Felt badge

Older children will enjoy making simple felt badges using cardboard, different colours of felt, scissors and strong glue. Make up your own design or click here to download instructions and a pattern (PDF, 300KB) for this simple pig felt badge.

Felt badge

6. Covered notebook

Glue a piece of felt to the cover of a notebook and decorate it. Your design can be as simple or as complicated as you like – you could try flowers, cars, trains, dogs, cats, hearts, stars or maybe even cut out letters to spell your gift recipient's name.

Felt notebook

7. Necklace/bracelet

Create unique jewellery using beads, bells, pasta, drinking straws, felt and anything else that you can thread on a length of elastic. Most bead shops sell a selection of beads with different letters that you can use to write special messages or spell out someone's name.


8. Pencil holder

A specially designed pencil container is an attractive and useful gift. Use strong glue to attach your most spectacular paraphenalia to a sturdy container.

Pencil container

9. Decorative box

Paint a good strong box using acrylic paint and a roller. Then glue on a selection of bibs and bobs such as buttons, sequins, pasta, shells, felt shapes, ribbon, lace or wool. Leave the box empty or include a small gift such as soap, sweets, bath salts or perhaps a special shell or stone.

Decorative box

10. Sweet treats

Make a batch of your favourite cookies and decorate them with sweets and nuts. Then wrap them in cellophane, tie with a ribbon and attach a home made card.

Sweet treats


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