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 ISSUE 18   •   19  NOVEMBER 2006  
   This issue: birds


1. Editorial: Card-making mania!
2. MAKE: easy paper bag owl puppets
3. MAKE: a serene bluebird
4. MAKE: cute paper roll penguins
5. MAKE: newly hatched chicks
More bird ideas
7. This issue's featured subscriber's blog

1. Editorial: Card-making mania!

Can you believe it's that time of year already? I've found that the kids get a bit crazy at around this time as they seem to have such a long lead-in to the excitement of Christmas and the new year.

Of course, crafting is great at helping them to channel some of their enthusiasm into creative pursuits. We've been busily card-making for the past few days and the kids have had terrific fun. You can see some of our handiwork in this new kids craft weekly resource called easy Christmas card ideas.

You may have noticed some small changes around the the place lately. I'll be doing some more site renovations over the next few months and am going to trial fortnightly newsletters between now and the new year.

The next issue is going to be a beauty. The theme is 'mail' (coincidental, yes?) and it's scheduled to be published on December 3.

Happy crafting and I'll see you then! 

Amber Carvan

2. MAKE: paper bag owl puppets

This is an appealing and simple project for the very young. It's quite fast too so it's a good idea to provide supplies for a number of owls.

You will need

• brown paper bags
patty pans
glue stick
permanent marker

1. Glue patty pans and buttons to the paper bag.

2. Draw on a beak and wings and twist the top corners of the bag. Then put over your hand to make a puppet.

3. Ella and I seem to find it difficult to stop at one, so we constructed some little owl babies by cutting and taping some small paper bags and using foil chocolate trays for eyes.

3. MAKE: a serene bluebird

This pensive little bluebird is even simpler to make than it looks. Once kids get the hang of using a skewer to make holes in the polystyrene they will happily come up with their own exotic bird species!

You will need

two small polystyrene balls
wooden skewer
kid's pvc glue
acrylic paint and brush
match sticks
googly eyes
four feathers

1. Paint the polystyrene balls. I have found that this is easiest if you skewer the balls first.

2. Attach head and body using half a matchstick and a spot of glue. Then stick matchstick legs into the body. 

3. Use a skewer to make holes for two wings, a tail and a feather on the top of the head. Then stick in the feathers.

4. Glue on googly eyes and use half a match stick as a beak.

4. MAKE: cute paper roll penguins

This adult and baby penguin make an extremely cute pair. So cute, in fact, that my partner actually attempted to secret them into his bag so that they could go and live on his desk at work! Unfortunately for him, Ella's attraction to these little guys is equally strong and she wouldn't permit him to take them from the house. A time-share arrangement is currently being negotiated.

You will need

• a cardboard roll from paper towels or cling wring
black and white acrylic paint and brushes
kid's pvc glue
black, white and yellow foam sheets (or black, white and yellow cardboard)
hole punch
black marker
sticky tape

1. Paint the roll black. When it's dry, cut it into two (making sure that one of the pieces is larger than the other).

Cut out four feet and four flippers from black foam. Then cut out another four feet and four flippers from the white foam by cutting around your black foam pieces – leaving a margin of about 2mm. This margin is necessary as you need to stick your black pieces on the white ones with pvc glue. Cut beaks from the yellow foam and use a hole punch to make four white circles for eyes.

Just to clarify, here are the pieces for the big penguin:

And the pieces for the little penguin:

3. Glue the flippers, beaks and eyes on to the rolls.

4. Squirt a small amount of white paint onto each penguin's belly, and paint a white tummy on each.

5. Attach feet to the bottom of the roll using tape.

6. And try to resist the cuteness!

5. MAKE: newly hatched chicks

We used our brand new pom pom maker to create these cute little chicks. Pom Pom makers are small plastic forks that make pom pom creation quick and easy. They're very cheap (our one cost $2.00) so if you enjoy crafting with yarn I strongly recommend that you purchase one.

If you can't locate one, make your pom poms by using circles of cardboard with the centres cut out – detailed instructions can be found here. You can also purchase packets of pre-made pom poms at good craft shops.

You will need

fluffy yellow wool
a pom pom maker (or cardboard, tape and scissors)
small googly eyes
scraps of felt for beak
hard boiled egg

1. Cut egg in half and carefully scoop out it's contents using a small spoon. Glue the eggshell halves onto squares of cardboard so that they stand up.

2. Make two pom poms.

3. Trim pom poms so that they fit into the shell.

4. Glue on eyes and beaks and pop the chickadees into the eggshells.

6. More bird ideas

• Make a pretty polly
• Construct a bird feeder
• Go feather collecting
• Make a nest and eggs from playdough
• Go bird watching with a pair of binoculors and a notebook

For more ideas read my article on how to get great mileage from a weekly theme.

7. This issue's featured subscriber's blog

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