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 ISSUE 54  •   6 JULY 2008 
   This issue: animal favourites


1. Editorial
2. Ladybug prints
3. Squishy sock pig

4. Beady starfish
5. Spongy crabs
6. Potato froggies
7. Woolly sheep
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1. Editorial

Welcome to the animal favourites issue of Kids Craft Weekly!

It's been a busy time here with the end-of-school term, parties galore, snuffles all round and a broken arm to boot (Ella's, not mine!). As there hasn't been a lot of crafting going on I've put together a bit of a cheat issue for you this time – a collection of our favourite animal crafts from the past two years.

If you do try any of these crafts with your little ones be sure to take a picture!
Remember that every month I am giving away a book from my Amazon favourites list. All you have to do is upload a photo to the Kids Craft Weekly group photo pool on Flickr.

The winning photo for June is Penny Carnival's photo of Bo doing some pantry letters from the Kids Craft Weekly Alphabet Issue.

Megan has chosen to receive a copy of How To Raise An Amazing Child The Montessori Way for her prize. If you'd like be in the running next month, simply add your photos to the pool!

Happy crafting and I'll see you next time!

Amber Carvan

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2. Ladybug prints

These striking prints can make great wrapping paper so hold on to your little one's handiwork for special occasions. Oh and in case you hadn't guessed, this one can be a little messy so you might want to take suitable precautions!

You will need

• a potato
a carrot
red acrylic paint
black acrylic paint


1. Chop a potato in half, lengthways, to form an oval-shaped print. Then cut 5 cm off the end of a long thin carrot to make a dot print.
Squeeze paint onto a tray and use the vegetables to make ladybug prints.

Next time round I think we'll have
one tray for the red paint and potato and another tray for the black paint and carrot tip!

3. Squishy sock pig

This little piggy won the 'kids favourite' award this week. Ella particularly liked the fact that she could create and then dismantle the pig just so that she could create it again (very postmodern, I know!).  After being pulled apart and put back together about ten times, sock pig was taken to bed for a cuddle where he disintegrated at some point during the night.

You will need

• an old sock
plastic lid
stuffing (I used polyfill but you could use rags or even paper)
black dot stickers for eyes
two bulldog clips
four pegs


1. Put the lid inside the sock to give your pig a good snout, then stuff the sock firmly to desired length.

2. Twist leftover sock at the end and fold over the rear of the pig.

3. Attach pegs as legs.

4. Attach bulldog clips as ears.

5. Wind pipecleaner around your finger, then pull off and jab or tape it on the rear of the pig. Finally, add sticker eyes, or draw some on using a marker (if you don't mind ruining your sock).

4. Beady starfish

Tiny glass or plastic beads are near impossible for young kids to thread but they are great for adding colour and texture to craft projects. Buy a cheap plastic bead set, pour them into a small tray and use them to create these pearly starfish.

You will need

• cardboard
kids pvc glue and paintbrush
a selection of small beads


1. Cut starfish shapes from the cardboard and paint one side of the cardboard in glue. Then dip cardboard glue-side down into a tray of small beads.

2. Carefully lift up cardboard and allow glue to dry.

5. Spongy crab

These lifelike crabs don't require any fancy craft supplies and are great fun to put together. Just like the real thing, these crabs have ten legs – two of which have pincers at the end. But unlike real crabs, this spongy variety have pincers made from clothes pegs!

You will need

• a dish sponge
two pegs
hole punch
permanent marker


1. Cut a circle shape from a dish sponge.

2. Punch four holes down each side of the sponge using a hole punch. Keep two of the punched out sponge pieces to use for eyes.

3. Thread pipecleaner legs through the holes and glue the punched out sponge pieces onto the head. Then colour in the top of the eyes with a black marker.

4. Attach two pegs for claws.

6. Potato froggies

Your little ones will never look at a potato in the same way again after they've created these guys. Packed with personality, these froggy potatoes are a great 'no fuss' craft to call on in an emergency.  There are plenty of pins in this activity though so, although it's simple, it's really only suitable for older kids.

You will need

• a selection of large and small potatoes
drawing pins
rubber bands
match sticks
sewing pins
wool, feathers, pipe cleaners etc to decorate

We cut a small chat in half and pinned each half to a large potato – forming eyes and a body. Then we pinned on some buttons, used drawing pins to form nostrils and stretched a rubber band over two pins to make a big froggy mouth. Ella added some matchstick arms, wool hair, a bow and a pipe cleaner crown. For extra inspiration check out Kiddley's five minute potato people.

7. Woolly sheep

You won't need any fancy supplies to get started on this activity – simply raid your bathroom cabinet!

This soft and appealing merino is a great project for kids who like to craft with glue and who don't mind getting a bit sticky. Be prepared for children sporting wild and woolly fingertips by the time you're finished!

Note: This craft idea is available as a printable project sheet. Visit the printables page to download a copy of the PDF file (900 kb).

You will need

• toilet paper roll
cotton wool balls
cotton buds (q-tips)
white glue
tissue paper


1. Tape cotton buds (q-tips) on to the cardboard roll to make legs.

2. Scrunch up some tissue paper and stuff it into one end of the roll to make a head.

3. Pour some white glue into a shallow dish. Then dip the cotton wool balls into the glue and stick them all around the cardboard roll.

4. Keep sticking until your sheep is woolly all over.

5. Add some eyes (we glued black paper circles onto the tissue paper) and make some horns by twisting small pieces of pipecleaner around your finger. Glue the horns onto the sheep using white glue. So cute!

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